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The Future Of Pool Chemical Purchasing Is Coming!

Technology Driven 24-Hour Autonomous Retail Store

24HR Pool & Spa is being developed to put consumers in control of their own swimming pool, spa, or hot tub environments.  We envision a pool and spa chemical and supply retail store that is complete with a user-friendly water lab to provide consumers with a detailed water report as well as product recommendations and instructions to correct any issues that they may be encountering.  Video monitors with interactive displays will be available for further advice and industry tips.  Easy in and easy out with the latest autonomous storefront technology allows for any time convenience coupled with big savings for the end-user. We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the design and pre-construction stage of our 1st totally autonomous 24-hour pool & spa chemical retail store.  We welcome your input!
Consumers would have the ability to enter the store with a one-time unlock code or to purchase a membership allowing them 24/7 access. Using the latest technology, consumers will have the ability to purchase the items they need at their convenience. A state-of-the-art water lab will be provided for consumers to conduct their own water analysis and consult kiosk monitors for proper advice on what items are needed to address any concerns.

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